3D Silicone Mask Frame(6pcs)

Item : Silicone Mask Frame ( 100% made in malaysia ) Features : * Material - Made from a soft silicone plastic that is very comfortable against our faces, non toxis, safe, recyclable and washable for reuse. * More space for breathing - it holds up the mawk fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space when a mask is put on face. * Special Design - Protect female makeup, do not stick lipstick, expand the breathing space to help smooth breathing, keep the mask off face around your mouth. * Much cleaner for mask wearing - The bracket reduces the friction frequency between mask and face to protect the lining from getting stained. * The mask bracket adopts a humanized structure design to increase the breathing space so that when using this mask holder, you will breathe smoothly, especially in outdoor sports or in hot weather.

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